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About Us

Okowner is a classified online marketplace for selling and buying used cars based in Bangalore, Karnataka.

We provide categorized and customized ad listing service to direct car owner who wants sell his/her car and some verified used car dealers as well.

Our website provides best platform to buy second hand cars direct from registered owner.

Having latest technology to perform better search results for used vehicles from wide range of selected listing.

We manully verify our car listing ad and gives best valuation to our customers that makes no risk to buy or sell vehicles through our platform.

Our mission is making selling vehicles as simple as possible. Without having any trouble for ownership transfer or getting car loans

  • Ability to get learge number of relevent customer quickly
  • We Protect customers/sellers from any kind of situational disadvantages occurs in urgency
  • Saving from all irrelevent customers calls and save your precious time

We believe Vehicle is a true asset which enables people to travel far beyond their reach. So we expact selling vehicle should not be any trouble for people and No one should loose too much while seling it. We connect buyer nad seller directly. They see the vehicle themsales and finallize, we only help them to find right match and right vehicle. We don't expect to get too much from one customer for our service rather getting very less from large number of customers. For us every single customer is same important as enitre all together.

The Promise

We will deliver more than what you expect, We will tailor all the hassle what customer usually face during purchage a used car.

The Security

We will never share or publish your data with anyone without your permission or prior approval.

The Value Offer

We will give you the best deal financially and save your precious time, also protect you from anykind of situational disadvantage in urgency.

The Relation

Okowner believe customer is that who comes more than once. We will listen all your words and respect your feedback.


We are performing many services related to online buying and selling used cars. Getting genuine customers enquiry is the our priority. Our website is open for posting free ad for used vehicles to public and used car dealers as well. As of now our service exist only in Karnataka. Some of our exciting offers and values are listed below. Please fill free to walk throgh it.

Easy Posting

No worry to have posting unless you haven't try it. We can ensure posting ad on this platform is far easy than any other website exist.

Right Leads

We focus on right customer and avoid covincing much to random buyers.

Less Negotiation

We handle most of the irrelevent discuusion or negotiantion in begining and filter out best match.

Credential Security

We promise to our customers, We will never share their credentials without their approval. And protect them from any misuse in future.

Time Saving

We have designed our process in a way to save a lot time of our customers and sellers, also saving them from unnecessary hassle which exist outside.

Delivery & Service

We beilive Customer success begins from great delivery, And passes through great service entire duration of product.

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Want to buy a car or want to sell your car? We are here to support you all the day. Please contact us to make your job done as quick as possible.

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